The most loved summer jewellery trends 2024

The boho beach jewellery trend

If you consider yourself a free-spirited creative, then the boho beach jewellery trend of 2024 is right up your alley. From mismatched layers to natural materials and lustrous charms, put your personality on display with this easy-to-wear summer trend.

Get the boho beach look

The beaded jewellery trend

Beaded jewellery is on the rise and already a key summer trend among the street style set. Our sterling silver beaded link chain is the perfect addition to an exposed neckline (as seen on Sophia Roe), whether styled with our pearl and bead collier or paired with a fully loaded necklace for that extra pop of colour. Ahead, check out the beaded jewellery trend that’s set to take over.

Beaded jewellery styles

How to style beaded jewellery for summer

Beaded jewellery is here to stay, if the necklaces worn by Sophia Roe are any indication. Sophia recommends two ways to wear one of this season’s top jewellery trends. Either sport a colourful statement piece to make it pop or stack your favourite beaded necklaces with pearl and bead colliers to create a truly personal look. Both styles complement an exposed neckline for the hot summer months ahead. This mix of metals and textures defines the season's approach to the trend. The bottom line — just have fun with it.

The liquid metal trend

An artful approach to jewellery has emerged this summer. Keeping metal at its core, the liquid jewellery trend brings a one-of-a-kind feel to your everyday look. From open bangles to molten hoops, our 14k gold-plated pieces add an element of artistry to your style DNA. The hard part? Deciding which sculptural design to add to your rotation.