Asia Special —
Enjoy a relaxing rickshaw ride
for the wonder of discovery


Enjoy a relaxing rickshaw ride for the wonder of discovery 

Asia Special

A Symbol of Eastern Culture

Rickshaws were a traditional form of transportation in Asia in the 19th century, travel through narrow streets and alley flexibly. Passengers could relax and enjoy the scenery and people around along the way. This limited edition charm perfectly integrates Asian characteristics and encourages us to enjoy life at a leisurely pace.


Embellish your Pandora Moments bracelet with Rickshaw Charm, or match with other travel themed charms. Keep your unforgettable stories with you always.


Hong Kong Peak Tram Dangle Charm

Inspired by the iconic Hong Kong Peak Tram and Victoria Harbour landscape, this exquisite charm is full of strong local colours.
It is engraved with the words “I love having you along the way” and “HK” for Hong Kong.