BE LOVE HONG KONG Jewellery The collection showcases Hong Kong-inspired designs, skillfully blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics. Each jewellery piece carries a unique story. Inspired by Hong Kong's rich culture and vibrant city features, the charms are crafted based on iconic local landmarks and symbolic items, showcasing the city's distinctive charm through dynamic designs.

Celebrate the bright lights and bustling energy of Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Neon Sign Dangle Charm. Inspired by the glowing signs on the streets of Hong Kong and the bright lights of the city's iconic skyline, this sterling silver charm features the characters "香港" (Hong Kong) on one side with fluorescent orange enamel that glows under UV light. Wear it on your favourite charm holder as a reminder of home or of a trip you'll never forget.

HK Charm
HK charm EN

Hong Kong Peak Tram Dangle Charm

Inspired by the iconic Hong Kong Peak Tram and Victoria Harbour landscape, this exquisite charm is full of strong local colours.
It is engraved with the words “I love having you along the way” and “HK” for Hong Kong.


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