Limited Edition

Hong Kong
Peak Tram Charm

I ♥ having you along the way


HK Limited Edition Peak Tram Charm

I ♥ having you along the way

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The new Hong Kong Exclusive charm inspired by the iconic Hong Kong Peak Tram and Victoria Harbour landscape, the small and exquisite charm is full of strong local colors; The Peak Tram has been inaugurated since 30 May, 1888, proudly served Hong Kong for more than 130 years. Evokes the resonance of HongKongers and adds commemorative significance with this Hong Kong Exclusive Charm.

I ♥ having you along the way

Make the views last forever with the Pandora Moments Hong Kong Peak Tram Dangle Charm. Experience the natural beauty of Hong Kong, the Peak Tram offers breath-taking panoramic views of the harbour and skyscrapers. It is engraved with the words “I love having you along the way” and “HK” for Hong Kong. Let us always cherish the companionship of families and friends and continue to create memorable moments to come.