Your summer stack

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Just add blue

Make waves this summer with stacks of blue-toned bracelets, ready to level up any outfit. Mix contrasting finishes and textures with the sterling silver snake chain and turquoise leather woven bracelet. Keep it tonal by rounding stack off with blue ocean-themed charms.

Seaside treasures

Embrace the summer feeling with charms that will take you right back to those balmy evenings on the beach. Mix fish and animal charms together with round pieces to add visual variety, and take things up a notch by introducing the warm tones of Pandora Rose and fuchsia for a kick of contrast.

Final touches

Add an element of surprise by wearing beach-themed pieces on a Pandora O Pendant and pair them with a freshwater cultured pearl necklace for a look that says "I'm ready for the summer."

More is more

Take your Pandora Signature I-D Bangle stack to the next level by wearing it together with a Pandora Moments charm bracelet.
Add Pandora Signature charms to your Pandora Moments bracelet for the ultimate mix of styles.