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Rose gold plated
  • 589177C01
    Link Chain & Stones Bracelet
    HK$1,499.00 HK$749.00
  • 781972C01
    Pink Sparkling Row Clip Charm Sterling silver
    Pink Sparkling Row Clip Charm Rose gold plated
    Available in 2 colors
  • 786592CZSMX
    Tree of Love Dangle Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 188343CZ
    Multifaceted Ring Sterling silver
    Multifaceted Ring Rose gold plated
    Multifaceted Ring Gold plated
    Multifaceted Ring Gold plated
    Multifaceted Ring
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 189048C00
    Logo bar stacking ring Sterling silver
    Logo bar stacking ring Rose gold plated
    Logo bar stacking ring Gold plated
    Logo bar stacking ring
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 280696CZ
    Shimmering Knot Stud Earrings Sterling silver
    Shimmering Knot Stud Earrings Rose gold plated
  • 388686C01
    Pavé Ball Pendant
    HK$799.00 HK$399.00
  • 787608NPM
    Sparkling Pink Heart Charm
    HK$899.00 HK$449.00
  • 787401
    Pandora Crown O Logo Charm
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 788482C01
    Sweet Kangaroo Charm
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 788055ENMX
  • 788240NEP
  • 788248CZ
    Acorn & Leaf Dangle Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 288089NCCMX
  • 788702C01
    Kiss Pavé Charm
    HK$999.00 HK$499.00
  • 187087NCK
    Available in 2 colors
    Black Sparkling Crown Ring
    HK$899.00 HK$359.00
  • 787888NPO
    Pink Square Clip Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$239.00
  • 388803C01
    Sparkling Infinity Collier Necklace Sterling silver
    Sparkling Dragonfly Pendant Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Dragonfly Pendant
    HK$599.00 HK$239.00
  • 587749C00
    String of Beads Slider Bracelet Sterling silver
    String of Beads Slider Bracelet Rose gold plated
    String of Beads Slider Bracelet
    HK$1,499.00 HK$749.00
  • 187536
    String of Beads Ring Sterling silver
    String of Beads Ring Rose gold plated
    String of Beads Ring
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 781988CZ
    Family Forever Dangle Charm Rose gold plated
    Family Roots Dangle Charm Two-tone
    Family Forever Dangle Charm
    HK$799.00 HK$399.00
  • 287114NPR
    Wildflower Meadow Earrings
    HK$1,299.00 HK$519.00
  • 787897
    Polished Flower Clip Charm
    HK$399.00 HK$199.00
  • 388349
    Long Link Cable Chain Necklace
    HK$1,999.00 HK$999.00
  • 380354CZ
    Sparkling Snowflake Pendant
    HK$899.00 HK$449.00
  • 187295CZ
    Pavé Modern LovePods Ring Sterling silver
    Pavé Modern LovePods Ring Rose gold plated
    Pavé Modern LovePods Ring Gold plated
    Pavé Modern LovePods Ring
    HK$799.00 HK$319.00
  • 387676
    Regal Key Pendant Necklace
    HK$1,799.00 HK$719.00
  • 787141EN160
    Bella Bot Charm Sterling silver
    Bella Bot Charm Rose gold plated
    Bella Bot Charm
    HK$699.00 HK$349.00
  • 787566CZ
    Space Rocket Clip Charm
    HK$399.00 HK$159.00
  • 788097NPR
    Pink Pavé Heart Charm
    HK$999.00 HK$499.00
  • 387291CZ
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant Sterling silver
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant Rose gold plated
    Pavé Modern LovePods Pendant Gold plated
  • 789306C01
    Pink Swirl Charm
    HK$699.00 HK$349.00
  • 189263C01



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