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Explore our selection of PANDORA bracelets on sale. Find unique discounts and offers on our exquisite pieces.

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  • 590528CZ
    HK$449.00 HK$899.00
  • 596274CZ
    HK$649.00 HK$1,299.00
  • 597194CTQ-D
    HK$299.00 HK$599.00
  • 590749CTQ-S
    HK$159.00 HK$399.00
  • 590749CPH-S
    HK$159.00 HK$399.00
  • 590749CPE-S
    HK$159.00 HK$399.00
  • 590749CBK-S
    HK$159.00 HK$399.00
  • 590705CDB-D
    HK$219.00 HK$549.00
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