• 787514CZ
    60% OFF
    Reindeer Holiday Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 796200CZ
    50% OFF
    Heart of Infinity
    HK$899.00 HK$449.00
  • 787566CZ
    50% OFF
    Space Rocket Clip Charm
    HK$399.00 HK$199.00
  • 767796CZ
    60% OFF
    Cupid & You Heart Dangle Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$239.00
  • 767044CZ
    50% OFF
    Sparkling Beehive Dangle Charm
    HK$899.00 HK$449.00
  • 767808CZ
    50% OFF
    Sparkling Wishbone Spacer Charm
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 798131CZ
    50% OFF
    Cowrie Shell Charm
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 792068CZ
    50% OFF
    Interlocking Hearts Dangle Charm
    HK$699.00 HK$349.00
  • 798368CZ
    PANDORA ME - 30% OFF
    My Bright Diamond Dangle Charm
    HK$149.00 HK$99.00
  • 796358CZ
    50% OFF
    Sparkling Clear Snowflake Charm
    HK$799.00 HK$399.00
  • 798484C01
    50% OFF
    Angel of Love Dangle Charm
    HK$449.00 HK$219.00
  • 791147CZ
    50% OFF
    Passport Travel Dangle Charm
    HK$349.00 HK$169.00
  • 787636CZ
    50% OFF
    Embossed Hearts Safety Chain Clip Charm
    HK$999.00 HK$499.00
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