Pandora Passions
  • R800346
    Limited Time 30% OFF — HK$1,399
    Pink Fan Collier Necklace & Earring Set
  • R800348
    Limited Time 30% OFF — HK$1,099
    Blue & Pink Fan Charm Bangle Set
  • R800345
    Limited Time 30% OFF — HK$1,899
    Pink Fan Clasp Bracelet Set
  • 798470C01
    Santa in a Giftbox Charm
    HK$499.00 HK$249.00
  • 796565ENMX
    Chinese God of Wealth Dangle Charm
    HK$699.00 HK$349.00
  • R800349
    Limited Time 30% OFF — HK$799
    Blue & Pink Fan Charm Bracelet Set
  • 797518NCB
    Dazzling Fireworks Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 787514CZ
    Reindeer Holiday Charm
    HK$599.00 HK$299.00
  • 798477C00
    Christmas Penguin Charm
    HK$399.00 HK$199.00
  • R800342
    Limited Time 30% OFF — HK$1,199
    Pink Fan Bracelet Set
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