Get a Star WarsTM x Pandora Collectable Box upon purchase of 3pcs of Star WarsTM jewellery!

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Star WarsTM x Pandora Collectable Box —
Terms and Conditions

- Customer is entitled to receive a Star WarsTM x Pandora Limited Edition Box upon purchase of any 3 pieces of Star WarsTM jewellery
- The complimentary limited edition box cannot be exchanged and no jewellery is included, available while stocks last
- Pandora Jewelry Asia-Pacific Limited (hereinafter the “Company”) reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions anytime without prior notice
- All matters of dispute will be subject to the final decision of the Company

500 to 999
No color
  • 188799C01
    Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring Pandora Rose
    Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring Silver
    Sparkling Daisy Flower Crown Ring
  • 188494C01
    Geometric Shapes Open Ring
    HK$1,299.00 HK$649.00
  • 180945CZ
    Simple Sparkling Band Ring Pandora Rose
    Simple Sparkling Band Ring Silver
    Simple Sparkling Band Ring
  • 180934CZ
    Daisy Flower Ring Pandora Rose
    Daisy Flower Ring Silver
    Daisy Flower Ring
  • 180963CZ
    Sparkle & Hearts Ring Pandora Shine
    Sparkle & Hearts Ring Pandora Rose
    Sparkle & Hearts Ring Silver
    Sparkle & Hearts Ring
  • 180880CZ
    Princess Tiara Crown Ring Pandora Rose
    Princess Tiara Crown Ring Silver
    Princess Tiara Crown Ring
  • 180947CZ
    Square Sparkle Halo Ring Pandora Rose
    Square Sparkle Halo Ring Silver
    Out of stock
    Square Sparkle Halo Ring
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