It pays to plan ahead

Valentine's Day is one of those days when it's always best to have some foresight. You can't do the same thing you did last year, and a gift without any thought put into it is often worse than no gift at all. 

If you're planning to get a jump-start on the season of love this year, by searching for that perfect way to show you care ahead of schedule, then here are some go-to jewellery options that never fail to send the right message of love.

2x Sparkling Arrow Ring
No. 197830CZ
HK$699.00 x 2
2x Shining Wish Ring
No. 196314
HK$299.00 x 2
Moments Smooth Silver Padlock Bracelet, You Are Loved Heart
No. 597806

Can't go wrong with the classics

A simple sterling silver charm bracelet can be the perfect addition to any woman's wardrobe. We've added a Valentine's twist to our classic PANDORA charm bracelet: A mix of hearts, in metals and pink, which creates a style recipe of love. Move the PANDORA Rose labyrinth heart to the side to see a cut-out heart in the sterling silver and enamel. This dangle shows you follow your heart

Moments Silver Bracelet, PANDORA Rose Heart
No. 580719
2x Pink Shining Path Clip
No. 791972PCZ
HK$399.00 x 2

It's a stunning Valentine's Day gift to show someone that they are loved, which can be adapted with different charms to fit different moods and seasons. The heart will always remain, though, because love is always in season.

Moments Silver Bracelet, PANDORA Rose Heart
No. 580719
2x Pink Shining Path Clip
No. 791972PCZ
HK$399.00 x 2

Let them know they're LOVED

Sometimes you don't have to say it, you can just show it. If you're planning for the perfect jewellery gift this Valentine's Day, but you don't know what that perfect gift is, then just let them know they are LOVED.

Hero_7_Desktop (1)

Our classic Moments Smooth Silver Padlock Bracelet with a heart-shaped padlock emblazoned with the word LOVED, can say exactly what you want to say – without you having to say it.

Asymmetric Hearts of Love Earrings
No. 297822
Silver Beaded Necklace
No. 397210
MOMENTS Sterling Silver Mesh Bracelet
No. 596543
PANDORA Moments Charm Bangle
No. 590713
3x Asymmetric Hearts of Love Charm
No. 797838CZRMX
HK$449.00 x 3
2x Asymmetric Heart of Love Charm
No. 797820ENMX
HK$499.00 x 2
Love Notes Charm
No. 797835CZ
Sparkling Arrow & Heart Charm
No. 797827CZMX

Love like no other

Love comes in many dimensions. There is no better way for you to embrace the fact that the love you share with someone is unlike any other than with our Asymmetric Heart of Love Necklace and Earrings.


Draping as the centrepiece of this stunning collier necklace is an asymmetric sterling silver heart. Snuggling within that heart is an asymmetric heart-shaped stone. It's an elegant way to express that your love cannot be conformed to classic understandings of love. Your love is like no other.

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