Heraldic Radiance Earrings
No. 287728NPM
Locket of Dazzle Necklace and Pendant
No. 397716ACZMX
Silver Collier Necklace - 45 CM
No. 590412-45
PANDORA Faceted Floating Locket Charm
No. 797662SAM

A modern fairy tale fit for a queen

For the woman that walks with power in every step, it’s radiant embellishment or nothing at all. Embody a stately sense of confidence and make them curious about your subtle mysteries and secrets. Our Autumn 2018 collection is about giving praise to the forces of regal femininity, to let you tap into your inner queen and walk through life as the leading lady in your own fairy tale queen-dom.

Inspired by the depth and dreamy mystery that all modern women share, our jewellery collection for autumn is full of twists and turns, secret settings and feminine grace. The PANDORA Shine collection in 18k gold-plated sterling silver will illuminate you with a sense of sophisticated luxury with its rich golden colour. The charms are decorated with swirling lines, plaited grains and scatterings of clear stones inspired by majestic autumn light. It’s time to highlight your natural regal glow and make your fairy tale dreams come true