Friends have a unique bond that goes beyond chemistry: There aren’t many people we can share our biggest dreams, deepest secrets and most embarrassing moments with. In short, best friends share the moments in life that matter most—good and bad. And life would be very dull without them. We look a little closer at the friends everyone needs in their life.

2x Moments Silver Necklace
No. 590742HV
HK$1,299.00 x 2
Silver stud earrings with clear cubic zirconia
No. 290585CZ
Chandelier Droplets Earrings
No. 297088CZ
Shining Wish Ring
No. 196314
Beaded Wish Ring
No. 196315
Shimmering Wish Ring
No. 196316CZ
2x Enchanted Crown Ring
No. 197087CZ
HK$699.00 x 2
2x Moments Silver Sliding Bracelet
No. 597125CZ
HK$699.00 x 2
2x Moments Silver Open Bangle, PANDORA Logo Caps
No. 596477
HK$799.00 x 2
Moments Silver Open Bangle, Pavé Caps
No. 596438CZ
2x Snake chain silver bracelet with round clasp
No. 590728
HK$699.00 x 2
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‘We have friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime,’ as the saying goes. Our friendships change with us, and we often have friends who represent the different stages of life, who each bring with them something unique as no one friend can fulfil all your needs.


There are certain times in your life when you need the Painfully Honest Friend. She serves up the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—even when you don’t ask her to.