Platform 9 3/4 this way

Let the iconic Hogwarts Express take you to a magical world of love, companionship and limitless adventure. Our spinning dangle charm features the platform 9 3/4 sign on one side, while on the other, Harry's owl companion Hedwig patiently sits on the trunks and waits to board the train.


Expecto Patronum!

The Patronus is a magical spell that projects the animal you share the deepest affinity with. Our new dangle charm features Severus Snape's doe Patronus, the Patronus that originally belonged to Lily Potter, Harry's mother and famously the love of Snape’s life.


Explore the Wizarding World

Discover the enchanted pieces from the collection.

Find the Golden Snitch

Inspired by the smallest ball in Quidditch, which seekers have to find and collect to win the game, our new 14k gold-plated studs take the shape of the magical Golden Snitch. Luckily, catching these earrings isn’t half as difficult as out on the Quidditch field.


Unlock the magic

This Harry Potter, Winged Key Pendant is inspired by the enchanted flying keys that guarded the Philosopher’s Stone. The key's detailing even includes the broken wing that eventually allowed Harry to catch it.


Perfect your charms

Style your magical new symbols on a Pandora O Pendant, find 14k gold plated necklaces to match your Golden Snitch studs, or choose a necklace for your Winged Key Pendant.