Pandora Blue Ocean sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace and earrings

The craft of Blue Ocean

Hand-finished with care

We know you love unique pieces full of individuality. But what if we told you that our freshwater cultured pearls and Murano glass charms are completely unique? When you look close at every piece, you'll notice that no two are exactly alike. That's what we call true craftsmanship.

Go with the flow

We love adding details that make our charms lifelike. Case in point? Our Blue Scaled Fish Dangle Charm. Featuring four parts connected by flexible joints, this fish charm with hand-applied enamel moves with your every move. Why? Because with every new Pandora collection, we love raising the bar for jewellery design and craftsmanship even more.


Best-in-class Murano glass

When you look closely, the iridescent and glittering Murano glass echoes shimmers from all angles. Not to mention that due to natural glass properties and our glass-making process, each piece bears a stamp of individuality.

Perfectly imperfect

Thanks to the organic growth process, no two pearls are the same. Our freshwater cultured pearls are created exactly the same way as their natural counterparts, with only a little help in the beginning. With our Baroque pearl styles, you can own one-of-a-kind pieces with the perfect amount of asymmetry.


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